a Utility Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Enblem Token community is buying into one of the largest industries in the world – Human Capital.

Enblem will provide a web-based software solution which is easily deployed and easy to use.  Enblem provides a management-oversight technology solution to streamline and automate the administrative and operational processes that occur within large multi-site organizations.  We will provide a consolidated system solution to source, recruit, procure and manage contingent workforce needs for Clients with a potential savings estimated to be in the billions of dollars annually.

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SaaS for Blockchain

Introducing Employee Optimizer

Employee pay is the number one cost in over 90% of operating business worldwide. Large employers are having a very difficult time managing work forces at an optimal level and supplemental spending to cover gaps is very costly. Managing a large work force is very complex and cumbersome and requires a tremendous amount of manual energy and management oversite. Mistakes are almost assured, and the cost of labor overruns and supplemental staffing drives up cost significantly.

Ethereum Utility Token

NVO Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

As most projects in this space are built around decentralization, we feel it is best to start on a decentralized exchange. By listing on the NVO DEX and creating the plug-in for Enblem, our token holders will also be able to store their coins in the NVO wallet.

Building the API's

Once the fundraising is complete, we will begin to develop the API’s and finishing out the development of the enterprise software platform. The goal is to build software businesses solutions that solve the human capital management problems that cost large employers billions of dollars annually

Safe, Secure and Transparent

Unparalleled security and fault tolerance that is achieved through decentralized multi-party validation systems. An Ethereum smart contract proves receipt of incoming funds for Enblem Tokens.

Allocation of Funds

The following is an estimate of how the funds will be used:

  • 25% for legal, marketing & misc. ICO costs
  • 5% reserved for fee distribution costs
  • 70% for software and API development

Enblem is committed to being as transparent as possible. We will do our best to constantly keep the community in the loop on funds use as well as a development progress.

Management Team

Our core team has been working together for years in recruiting , business acquisition & development, IT administration and web development. We have added new team members as the project has developed.

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore


Shoky Kapoor

Shoky Kapoor

IT Director

Chris Toombs

Chris Toombs

Senior Solidity Contract Programmer

Current Values

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The Enblem Token community is buying into one of the largest industries in the world – Human Capital. The size of the markets for Enblem will provide a fertile ground for increased use of the tokens to complete transactions.

Compared to other ICOs, participants are entering a mature market ecosystem helping with earlier adoption of cryptocurrency into the worldwide human capital market. With wider use of the platform, there will be a natural tendency for the growth in value of Enblem.

The founding team is reserving a significant portion of Enblem tokens for future projects and inorganic growth utilizing the ICO space as its main generator which is unique with a team of experienced industry veterans, the pipeline for adoption and faster growth is achievable.

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