Business Model

How will this all work? The first step is raising funds.

Our goal is to raise at least $10 million in funds, ideally $20 million.


Once the fundraising is complete, we will begin to develop the API’s and finishing out the development of the enterprise software platform. The goal is to build software businesses solutions that solve the human capital management problems that cost large employers billions of dollars annually.

  1. The system must offer a significant cost savings to the employer. This system will allow us to increase profitability almost instantaneously and generate healthy returns.
  2. The system will address the management and efficiencies of large employers across multiple industries. API’s will be built and made available to accommodate the various industry requirements.
  3. The system will be multi-functional and be available in many languages. The software will have no boarders and can be deployed worldwide on the blockchain.
  4. Enblem will charge a licenses fee for access to its software and API’s creating a reoccurring revenue business model. The fees for the system will be minimal compared with the ROI client get from the system.
  5. Token holders will get early access to the system.
  6. Utility tokens will be converted to secure tokens that will be released on an exchange once system is built and generating revenues creating value for token holders.

Purchaser Benefits

The Enblem Token community is buying into one of the largest industries in the world – Human Capital. The size of the markets for Enblem will provide a fertile ground for increased use of the tokens to complete transactions. Compared to other ICOs, participants are entering a mature market ecosystem helping with earlier adoption of cryptocurrency into the worldwide human capital market. With wider use of the platform, there will be a natural tendency for the growth in value of Enblem. The founding team is reserving a significant portion of Enblem tokens for future projects and inorganic growth utilizing the ICO space as its main generator which is unique with a team of experienced industry veterans, the pipeline for adoption and faster growth is achievable.