Employee Optimizer

Employee Optimizer’s Resource Manager is a world class Human Capital Management system capable of managing large work forces and optimizing the employee coverage and production across large enterprises. The larger the organization the larger the cost saving and productivity improvements.

The system finds, recruits, credential, on-boards and manages the employee work force and contract vendors all in one inclusive system ensuring the optimization of human capital and productivity. We are committed to produce significant cost‑savings and value improvements within the “total cost of ownership of Human Capital.”  Specifically, we want to provide the quality of hire and lower the overall total cost of ownership for management of both internal and supplemental staff.

The flexible staffing solution will aid in reducing agency costs; enhancing continuity of operations and helping managers avoid making multiple emergency phone calls to locate per diem staff.  More importantly, the financial benefit to your organization is the empowerment given to your most important asset, your employees.  The traditional filling of open shifts through manual methods and semi-automated methods will be replaced with a fully functional automated solution.

Where did the Enblem Utility Token come from?

The concept for Enblem was derived by observing how the cryptocurrency market evolved over the past 12 months. At the very core of almost all cryptocurrencies arise from the same concept, decentralization. Everything from business transactions to monetary transactions to information transfer to video games to copyrighting, everything is moving towards a decentralized model.

Many businesses are beginning to integrate different parts of the crypto world into their business operations to improve day to day efficiency. Whether they are using a business dedicated blockchain or a decentralized method of payment, the crypto world is transforming how traditional business is conducted.

If businesses are using blockchains to store & transfer information, if they are using decentralized currencies as methods of payment and a whole slew of other cryptocurrencies to increase the efficiency and profitability of their operations, the question was asked, why can’t we use this emerging sector to decentralize traditional business value creation in the human capital management sector? Thus, we introduce Employee Optimizer.